Diving is a safe, exciting sport that almost anyone can do!

Midwest Scuba offers everything from Beginners Classes to Divemaster and Instructor Certification. Get certified at your own pace. You can even take part of the course with us and finish up on vacation.  We’ll show you how!

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Midwest Scuba is ringing in the new year with an exciting offer to get scuba certified!  During our limited time sale, our entire Open Water Diver course INCLUDING the use of MASK, FINS, SNORKEL, BOOTS is available for a never before seen price of only $325!

No need to purchase the normally required Mask, fins, snorkel and boots.   $325, no hidden fees or extras!

Going on vacation?  Complete your classroom and pool sessions at Midwest Scuba and do your dives on vacation.  The referral program is world-wide and actually very common (especially in the winter).

includes class/pool/Dives certification, all gear, all taxes, all at Midwest Scuba!

Call, email or Stop by the store today to register and pickup the course materials. (all included in the cost of the course.)

This “All Inclusive” special is available for a limited time only.  SALE ENDS January 31, 2020.  Register today to lock in your price and get certified during any of our future open water courses.

Check out our Open Water Diver Schedule Here.

Busy schedule?  We get it.  Life gets busy and it’s hard to find the time.  That’s why we are please to offer eLearning courses.  Take the entire academic session online and then join us for your pool and dives.  Follow the link below or click here to begin your course.  Register through Midwest Scuba and have at it!  Once completed, we will receive confirmation and you can continue on with the course.   (oh and sorry, there’s no online version of the pool and open water dive session.  We’re sure someone is working on it though.)  Even though you’ve completed your course online, feel free to come in the shop, call or email and ask any questions you may have.  We’d love to hear from you.


Looking to Continue your Adventure?  Sign up for your next PADI continuing education course or specialty today!

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