Be ready for summer diving. Get your gear serviced now!

Pure Air, Nitrox and Oxygen
Midwest Scuba is a full service air filling station. The air from our Mako compressor is tested quarterly by Trace Analytics and the results are posted for your inspection. Air fills run $7 per cylinder or you can purchase an air fill card for $45 for 15 air fills, making each fill only $3!

Nitrox fills (up to 40%) are $15 per cylinder. You must show us your enriched air certification card in order to obtain Nitrox fills. Look in the near future for the addition of Tri-Mix!

Midwest Scuba, as does most air filling facilties, requires proof of hydrostatic testing and visual inspection in order to fill your cylinder. Hydrostatic testing is required every five years (for the majority of cylinders) and visual inspections are required every year. Midwest Scuba charges $39.95 for hydrostatic testing (includes the visual inspection and an air fill) and $18 for a visual inspection (includes air fill).

In addition, we have the required equipment to clean cylinders and tank valves for oxygen service. This process involves tumbling the cylinder with ceramic pellets to remove all traces of contaminates. In addition, the tank valve is dissassembled and ultrasonically cleaned and reassembled using oxygen compatible o-rings, seats and lubricates. Cost is $25 for the cylinder and $20 for the valve.

Learn more about our diagnostic testing!
A $69 labor charge includes the annual servicing of your regulator (both first and second stages), octopus or alternate air source, and instruments.

When you have your gear serviced by Midwest Scuba, we disassemble the rig, clean all necessary parts in an ultrasound machine, and reinstall ONLY factory supplied service kits. All hoses are cleaned and applied with a coating of silicon to prevent cracking. In addition, new o-rings are installed in all hoses including the small o-rings in the SPG. Once reassembled, the regulator is tuned to factory specifications. In the end, you’ll be confident that your rig will perform at its best.

The cost of parts kits will vary depending on make and model. Bring in your Annual Service Parts Benefit Warranty information and your parts kit(s) will be free of charge.

Buoyancy Compensators
We also service buoyancy compensators for a $20-25 labor charge plus the cost of any necessary parts.

Midwest Scuba is an authorized
ScubaPro sales and service dealer.
We handle all repairs and service in house by our ScubaPro Certified Service Technicians.