The Diver's Last Resort!

Free, local fun diving for the St. Louis Area.

All Certified divers are welcome.

Come along with our local free diving club to experience all the Midwest has to offer for diving.

The purpose of The Diver’s Last Resort is to keep us diving! Maybe you earned your certification and are thinking, “Now what?”

You have come to the right place.  This is YOUR Last Resort.

There are no dues or direct fees to pay to be a member of The Diver’s Last Resort (DLR). Simply stay connected with details for the event you plan to attend, get your gear and come along!


For Most DLR Events:

1. We’ll meet at the dive shop either the night before or morning of each local dive event, typically determined by driving distance of local dive site, and caravan to our destination.

It is not required to travel in a group. Each diver is responsible for their own transportation.

2. Each diver is Responsible for their own equipment. Anything that you don’t already have for yourself can be rented either at our store or, in some cases, on site. Be sure to call ahead and reserve your equipment for the weekend. First come, first served.

3. While there are no dues to pay, each diver in our group will have to complete the PADI LIABILITY RELEASE AND SAFE DIVERS STATEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING. Divers under the age of 18 must have parent or gaurdien signature. Parent and or gaurdien accompany is required for all minors attending DLR event.

4. Each dive date on the schedule has a corresponding link directing to more details on the event and providing a place for people to discuss the trip and ask questions directly on our site. Please click here to create a unique member account so that you can participate in the fun!

5. Each diver must have fun. Exceptions will not be made.

Pennyroyal Scuba Center - Hopkinsville, KY

Pennyroyal Truck

please feel free to come and go at your leisure!

Dive all day at your own schedule on Saturday and do a night dive with the group or if you can only come down Sunday, that great too!


Pennyroyal Scuba Center Website Link

2021 Pennyroyal Liability Waiver Online

We have reserved pavilion 2 and 3 for the weekend.  After registering at the office, drive down, unload your gear and park.

We have also blocked off 6 rooms at the La Quinta in Hopkinsville Kentucky.  Mention Midwest Scuba and that you are diving at Pennyroyal when making the reservation.

Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake

Do the dam dive at the Dewey Short Visitor and Moonshine Beach

Jack's Fork River - Float and Dive!

river divers

Come camp, float and … dive!

Visit the beautiful Ozark Scenic Riverways and camp along the Jack’s Fork River near Eminence, Missouri. The main group will base out of Alley Springs Camp Ground. 

Dive Mermet Springs


Join the Diver’s Last Resort as we travel to Mermet Springs in August!  Explore the Boeing 727, Firetruck, houseboat, Semi-Truck… Explore it all!  Keep a sharp eye for the elusive spoonbill paddlefish pictured above.

This is YOUR Last Resort.

If you have not been to Mermet Springs this year, be sure to fill out the online liability release for either adult or underage divers located below