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A foggy dive mask can be problematic when snorkeling or diving. A quick application of Sea Drops Anti-Fog cleans lenses and gets rid of fog – giving you a crystal-clear view underwater. It’s easy to use waterside. Just squeeze, rub, rinse and wear. The gentle formula will not harm surrounding silicone or rubber support frames. So, toss a bottle of Sea Drops Anti-Fog and Cleaner in the dive kit and enjoy clean and clear vision.Long lasting scuba mask anti fogQuick, easy, in-field applicationBulk 1oz. includes Sea Leash adjustable gear attachmentNon-abrasive, safe for all glass and plastic dive mask lensesPerforms well in extremely cold waterNot recommended for swim gogglesNon-toxic, biodegradable and alcohol-freeWill not harm surrounding silicone or rubber support framesAlso great for eye glasses, face masks, binoculars and telescopesGear Aid Sea Drops Anti Fog Lens Cleaner 1 1/4 oz

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