SeaLife SportDiver Underwater Housing for iPhone


Experience unforgettable underwater adventure w/youriPhone&SeaLife SportDiver Housing 2500 Set. Ergonomic design & intuitive controls make it easy-to-use, producing amazing results. Works w/iPhone 7 & up. 

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sealife iphone housing Works w/iPhone 7 & up. Large shutter & control buttons for easy operation. Dual leak alarms continuously monitor waterproof seal. SeaLife SportDiver app w/auto & manual controls. Bluetooth low energy (LE) wireless technology controls camera. Depth rated to 130′ (40m). Includes external underwater color-correction filter.

The SeaLife SportDiver underwater housing works with all iPhone models 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, Xr, Xs, Xs Max, 11, 11 Pro Max, SE (2nd Gen), 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max running iOS 13 (see note 1 below) or higher. The free SportDiver app captures photos & video directly to your iPhone’s camera roll.The app also allows you to control advanced camera settings, like zoom, lens selection, exposure, focus, white balance, tint, RAW capture, live photo & background blur, as if you were using a more sophisticated underwater camera.The SportDiver offers fast & easy playback, &the clear back of the housing has a full unobstructed view of screen & underwater environment.

TheSportDiveroffers unique visual & audible protection features for your phone, including a vacuum pressure alarm that checks waterproof seal integrity before dive & a moisture sensor that alerts you in the unlikely event a leak is detected.The heavy-duty housing is constructed of polycarbonate, 304-316 stainless steel, hard-anodized T6061-grade aluminum, & optical grade glass.And while the SportDiver housing is heavy duty, it is not heavy, weighing less than 1.5 lbs. (641 g), & is lightweight for travelling & offers almost neutral buoyancy in water depending on which iPhone model is used.

The SportDiver is easy to hold & use & offers a large shutter lever & rear control buttons for easy operation, even w/dive gloves.Snorkelers & divers can get more creative w/their photos or video shot by using advanced camera settings. Adjust zoom, exposure (EV), auto/manual focus, white balance, tint, lens selection, RAW+JPEG mode, live photo, & background blur (on available iPhone models). The SportDiver housing includes the free SeaLife SportDiver camera app for iOS 12 and up & unlike other smartphone housing apps, there are no annoying in-app purchases or ads. You can easily switch between photo & video mode. The SportDiver App uses the iPhone camera technology native to each iPhone model. The App Playback mode shows full size photos & videos w/vertical thumbnail strip to easily locate your images. Videos start playing automatically when selected. All files are also saved to iPhone camera roll. The SportDiver housing automatically connects to your iPhone & the SportDiver app using Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) 5 wireless technology. No cables or buttons touch the phone & offers ultra-low power consumption for both the phone & the housing which is powered by two AAA batteries (alkaline or NiMH) that last over 50 hours of continuous use.

sealife iphone housingFor enhanced imaging results, a removable underwater color-correction filter is included w/the SportDiver which restores natural underwater colors. The filter easily attached or removes underwater & includes a safety tether to prevent loss. The SportDiver housing features triple 1/4-20 tripod mounts which mounts to any light or light tray w/standard tripod threads such as SeaLife’s range of Sea Dragon underwater photo/video lights. For the phone’s safety & protection, the SportDiver has a sturdy holding spring & rubber grip tabs that securely hold the iPhone in place & add shock-protection. The SportDiver has dual leak alarms which include an internal moisture alarm & a vacuum pressure alarm which alert the diver w/on-screen warnings, audio & LED signal in the unlikely event the waterproof seal is compromised & there’s a loss of housing pressure or moisture is detected. Leak Alarm pressure indicator:Flashing green when vacuum pressure has not been applied; Solid green when vacuum pressure is okay; Flashing red if a leak is detected. Power / Wireless connection status:Flashing blue when powered on & not wirelessly connected; Solid blue when powered on & wirelessly connected. The door of the SportDiver is sealed w/a TPE O-ring & a robust cam-lock sealing latch that easily & securely locks waterproof door. To prevent interior fogging from residual moisture, the SportDiver uses the anti-fogging agent Moisture Muncher capsule which prevents fogging & internal condensation. Includes printed instruction manual in English. Spanish, German, French, Italian & Dutch languages may be downloaded from SeaLife website.

The housings external dimensions are 8.4″ x 4.9″ x 2.2″ (213mm x 125.7mm x 54.8mm) w/internal measurements of 6.3″ x 3.1″ x 0.6″ (160mm x 79mm x 15mm). Housing weighs 22.6 oz. (641 g) w/o batteries, filter, Moisture Muncher, & 24.0 oz. (680 g) w/batteries, filter, Moisture Muncher, 10x med. grip tabs. The buoyancy characteristics are positive 2.8 oz. (80 g) UW housing only w/batteries, red filter, & Moisture Muncher. Subtract weight of phone to calculate total UW buoyancy in seawater. Available modes are: Photo: Captures single image w/each push of the shutter. Video: Push shutter to start/stop video recording. Playback: View photos & videos

sealife iphone housingSettings are:

Exposure Value (EV): -3.0 top +3.0 in .3 stop increments
Focus: Automatic or Manual
White Balance (WB): Auto or manual (3000-degrees K to 8000-degrees K)
Tint: +150 to -150 color tint
Lens: Select single or multiple lenses (Depends on phone model)
RAW+JPEG Capture: RAW image file (Depends on phone model)
Live Photo: On or Off (Records 1 sec video clip before image capture)
Background Blur: On or Off (Same as portrait mode on multi-lens iPhones)
Power Save: Off, 1 min, 2 min or 5 min. (Dims screen; push any button to wake-up)
Display Brightness: From 10% to 100%
Leak Alarm: On or Off (Audio alarm & warning message if leak is detected)
Delete Function: Yes; push OK button twice to delete selected file in Playback mode
Battery level indicator: Indicates remaining battery life of iPhone and UW housing
Zoom: Yes; from 1x to 10x in 0.5x increments
File Location: Photos & videos are saved to iPhone Photos app for editing & sharing
Included w/the housing are: Color-correction filter, vacuum pump, rubber grip tabs, spare O-rings, O-ring lubricant, O-ring removal tool, wrist strap w/clip, Moisture Muncher sampler pack (1 capsule), AAA alkaline batteries (2) and EVA carry case.
(1) Note: SportDiver Camera App will support iPhonescapable of running Apple’s current & previous iOS version, which is subject to change as determined by Apple

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Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.


sealife iphone housingSealife SportDiver Underwater Housing for iPhone® Features

  • SportDiver Underwater Housing for iPhone:
  • Experience Unforgettable Underwater Adventure
  • Ergonomic Design & Intuitive Controls
  • Easy-to-Use, Producing Amazing Results
  • Works w/iPhone 7 & Up
  • Large Shutter & Control Buttons for Easy Operation
  • Dual Leak Alarms Continuously Monitor Waterproof Seal
  • SeaLife SportDiver App w/Auto & Manual Controls
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Wireless Technology Controls Camera
  • Depth Rating: 130′ (40m)
  • External Underwater Color-Correction Filter
  • Works w/All iPhone Models:
    7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, Xr, Xs, Xs Max
    11, 11 Pro Max, SE (2nd Gen)
    12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro & 12 Pro Max Running iOS 13 or Higher
    See Note 1 Below
  • Free SportDiver App Captures Photos & Video Directly to Your iPhone’s Camera Roll
  • App Allows:
    Control of Advanced Camera Settings
    Lens Selection
    White Balance
    RAW Capture
    Live Photo
    Background Blur
    As-If-Your Using More Sophisticated Underwater Camera
  • Offers Fast & Easy Playback
  • Clear Back Housing: Full Unobstructed View of Screen & Underwater Environment
  • Unique Visual & Audible Protection Features for Phone
  • Vacuum Pressure Alarm Checks Waterproof Seal Integrity Before Your Dive
  • Moisture Sensor Alerts You In-Unlikely-Event Leak Detected
  • Heavy-Duty Housing Construction:
    304-316 Stainless-Steel
    Hard-Anodized T6061-Grade Aluminum
    Optical Grade Glass
  • Not Heavy, Weighing Less than 1.5 lbs. (641 g) & Lightweight for Travelling
  • Offers Almost Neutral Buoyancy-In-Water
  • Easy to Hold & Use
  • Large Shutter Lever & Rear Control Buttons for Easy Operation, Even w/Dive Gloves
  • Get Creative w/Photos or Video Shot by Using Advanced Camera Settings
  • Power: Two AAA Batteries (Alkaline or NiMH), Alkaline Included
  • Run Time: Over 50 Hours of Continuous Use
  • 1/4-20 Tripod Mounts: Any Light or Light Tray w/Standard Tripod Threads
  • Sturdy Holding Spring & Rubber Grip Tabs: Securely Hold iPhone In-Place, Add Shock-Protection
  • Dual Leak Alarms:
    Include Internal Moisture Alarm & Vacuum Pressure Alarm
    Alert Diver w/On-Screen Warnings
    Audio & LED Signal if Waterproof Seal Compromised & Loss of Housing Pressure or Moisture Detected
  • Leak Alarm Pressure Indicator:
    Flashing Green when Vacuum Pressure Not Applied
    Solid Green when Vacuum Pressure Okay
    Flashing Red Leak Detected
  • sealife iphone housingPower/Wireless Connection Status:
    Flashing Blue when Powered On & Not Wirelessly Connected
    Solid Blue when Powered On & Wirelessly Connected
  • Sealed w/TPE O-Ring & Robust Cam-Lock Latch: Easily & Securely Locks Waterproof Door
  • Moisture Muncher Capsule: Prevents Fogging & Internal Condensation
  • Dimensions:
    External: 8.4″ x 4.9″ x 2.2″ (213mm x 125.7mm x 54.8mm)
    Internal: 6.3″ x 3.1″ x 0.6″ (160mm x 79mm x 15mm)
  • Weight:
    22.6 oz. (641 g) w/o Batteries, Filter, Moisture Muncher
    24.0 oz. (680 g) w/Batteries, Filter, Moisture Muncher, 10x Med. Grip Tabs
  • Buoyancy: Positive 2.8 oz. (80 g) UW Housing Only w/Batteries, Red Filter, & Moisture Muncher
  • Subtract Weight of Phone to Calculate Total UW Buoyancy In-Seawater
  • Modes:
    Photo: Captures Single image w/Each Push of Shutter
    Video: Push Shutter to Start/Stop Recording
    Playback: View Photos & Videos Settings:
    Exposure Value (EV): -3.0 Top +3.0 in .3 Stop Increments
    Focus: Automatic or Manual
    White Balance (WB): Auto or Manual (3000-degree K to 8000-degree K)
  • Modes (Continued):
    Tint: +150 to -150 Color Tint
    Lens: Select Single or Multiple Lenses (Depends on Phone Model)
    RAW+JPEG Capture: RAW Image File (Depends on Phone Model)
    Live Photo: On or Off (Records 1 sec Video Clip before Image Capture)
  • Modes (Continued):
    Background Blur: On or Off (Same as Portrait Mode On Multi-Lens iPhones)
    Power Save: Off, 1 min, 2 min or 5 min. (Dims Screen f Push Any Button to Wake-Up)
    Display Brightness: From 10% to 100%
    Leak Alarm: On or Off (Audio Alarm & Warning Message if Leak Detected)
  • Modes (Continued):
    Delete Function: Yes, Push OK Button Twice to Delete Selected File In-Playback Mode
    Battery Level Indicator: Indicates Remaining Battery Life of iPhone & UW Housing
    Zoom: Yes, from 1x to 10x in 0.5x Increments File Location: Photos & Videos Saved to iPhone Photos App for Editing & Sharing
  • sealife iphone housingIncludes:
    Color-Correction Filter
    Vacuum Pump
    Rubber Grip Tabs
    Spare O-Rings
    O-Ring Lubricant
    O-Ring Removal Tool
    Wrist Strap w/Clip
    Moisture Muncher Sampler Pack (1 capsule)
    AAA Alkaline Batteries (2)
    EVA Carry Case
  • Printed Instruction Manual in English
  • Spanish, German, French, Italian & Dutch Languages: Downloaded from SeaLife Website
  • (1) Note: SportDiver Camera App Support iPhonesCapable of Running Apple’s Current & Previous iOS Version, Which-Is-Subject to Change as Determined by Apple


Sealife SportDiver Underwater Housing for iPhone® Specifications

sealife iphone housing

    • Polycarbonate Construction
      304-316 Stainless-Steel
      Hard-Anodized T6061-Grade Aluminum
      Optical Grade Glass
    • Depth Rating  130′ (40m)
    • Power  Two AAA Batteries (alkaline or NiMH), Alkaline Included
    • Housing Dimensions External: 8.4 x 4.9 x 2.2″ (213 x 125.7 x 54.8mm)
      Internal: 6.3 x 3.1 x 0.6″ (160 x 79 x 15mm)  Weight
    • 22.6 oz (641g) w/o Batteries, Filter, Moisture Muncher
      24.0 oz (680 g) w/Batteries, Filter, Moisture Muncher, 10x Med. Grip Tabs
    • Control Type
    • Manual
    • Controls
    • All Camera Functions
    • Housing Buoyancy
    • Positive 2.8 oz (80g) UW Housing Only w/Batteries, Red Filter, & Moisture Muncher Port
    • Press Fit
    • Operational Temperature
    • Underwater: 33-Degrees F to 110-Degrees F (0.6-Degrees C to 43.3-Degrees C
      Land: 0-Degrees F to 120-Degrees F (-17.8-Degrees C to 48.9-Degrees C)



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